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**Embargoed until November 29th at 3pm GMT / 10AM ET / 7AM PT**

Language learning game Lingo Legend launches on Android

Set out on an epic language learning adventure. Defeat your enemies and crush your learning goals.

November 29th – Today, Hyperthought Games Inc. is excited to launch Lingo Legend on the Google Play Store. As a mobile game that embeds language learning within a fantasy RPG, Lingo Legend solves the biggest challenge facing language learners – staying motivated to practice. Its successful launch on iOS earlier this year showcases strong consumer demand for educational entertainment. 


Lingo Legend is a card-battling RPG in which players must build a deck to battle monsters as they explore a vibrant world. In combat, players draw ability cards and must answer language challenges to play them. Completing the challenges isn't enough though, players will need to strategize to defeat a host of enemies with strengths, weaknesses, and tactics of their own. 


The cleverly designed gameplay is guaranteed to keep learners excited for their next session. Outside of combat, players can take part in additional activities to aid in their quest, like collecting gear, gathering resources, and customizing their camp. As players learn, they will experience an expansive storyline told through quirky characters and quests. Players will embark on a perilous journey through a fantastical world as they become fluent in a new language! [Continues below]


The brand new Android version comes alongside a significant update to the iOS version with an all-new training mode, onboarding experience, and the ability to play as a customizable avatar. Lingo Legend’s ever-growing game experience will continue to provide unique and fresh adventures for players.


Darien Morris, Co-Founder and CEO of Hyperthought Games said: “Now that the game is available for all mobile devices we are really looking forward to building on the world of Lingo Legend. We have a lot in store to elevate the game experience by bringing in more opportunities to interact with other players, opening up more of the world to explore, and incorporating new ways to apply learning beyond the types of questions available now.”  


Lingo Legend is available now for free on Android via the Google Play Store and iOS on the App Store, and is made possible with the support of Ontario Creates.

For more information, please contact Hannah Wright at

About Lingo Legend

Learning a language is one of the most rewarding experiences, but many people struggle to reach their goals. Most language learning apps treat motivation as an afterthought when really it's half the battle! Lingo Legend combines language with gaming so that learners stay motivated and practicing over the long haul.


Gameplay Features

  • Collect cards, choose the right strategy, and build a deck

  • Set out on an epic adventure, meet captivating characters, and complete quests

  • Play as a customizable avatar with unique gear to collect and equip

  • Explore a beautiful, dynamic, and mysterious world

  • Find recipes, gather materials, and craft gear to gain strength and style

  • Customize a camp with tons of unlockable content

  • Free-to-play game with subscription model allowing for non-stop, accessible play


Education Features

  • Learn Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, German, Italian, or Portuguese

  • Practice over 3,500 flashcards organized into useful topics such as ordering food or meeting new people

  • Retain concepts using our spaced-repetition algorithm

  • Apply language skills with unique questions types

  • Developed by language acquisition experts passionate about keeping people engaged in learning a language

About Hyperthought Games

Hyperthought Games is an indie educational game studio based in Ontario, Canada. It was founded by Darien Morris, previous Head of Product at Prodigy Education.


Hyperthought's mission is to help build a world in which people have access to opportunities for personal and professional growth, regardless of the language they were brought up speaking. They build games that are as fun as they are functional as learning tools. These are games that give people meaningful opportunities to apply their learning and feel good about their progress; games that keep learners motivated and practicing their new language longer than anything that exists today.

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