Play a real game.

Learn a real language.


Learning a language is hard. Lingo Legend combines language with gaming to make it a lot more fun, so that you'll stay motivated and achieve your goals! 

Practice your vocabulary and grammar in strategic card battles


Select a card

Answer a question

Activate the card's ability

Learn over 3,000 of the most important words and phrases


Lingo Legend contains over 150 categories of vocabulary, grammar, and common phrases to learn from. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you'll be expanding your language skills faster than you can imagine!  

Dramatically increase your retention of new vocabulary


Our spaced-repetition algorithm automatically reintroduces content you've mastered over time. This method solidifies the neural connections in your brain and strengthens your long-term recall. 

Tons of unlockable content to keep you playing and practicing


Four heroes with distinct playstyles


Dozens of weapons to craft


Over 100 cards to collect for your deck


Six zones with unique monsters to battle


Available in 5 different languages







Don't see the language you are learning? Vote for it to be added!


Lingo Legend is

coming soon to iOS & Android


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