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Lingo Legend is a first-of-its-kind mobile app that combines language learning with gaming. Our first game experience is a collectible card-based RPG in which players build a deck to battle monsters using their target language.




Hyperthought Games


Release Date

iOS - March 15th, 2022
Android - November 29th, 2022


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Quick Facts
About Lingo Legend


Learning a language is one of the most rewarding experiences but many people struggle to reach their goals. Most language learning apps treat motivation as an afterthought – we think it's half the battle! Lingo Legend is a platform that combines language with gaming so that learners stay motivated and practicing over the long haul. 

Our mission is to continue expanding Lingo Legend with awesome game experiences inspired by the ones that we love to play, while creating novel learning experiences that are truly engaging. With platform features like badges to unlock and leaderboards to climb, there will always be something to engage and motivate learners to continue playing and practicing.

Education Features

  • Learn Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, German, Italian, or Portuguese

  • Practice over 3,500 flashcards organized into useful topics such as ordering food or meeting new people

  • Retain the concepts you’ve learned using our spaced-repetition algorithm

  • Apply your language skills with unique questions types

  • Developed by language acquisition experts passionate about keeping people engaged in learning a language


Players' language skills are tested while exploring the world in strategic monster battles. Each turn, players draw ability cards from a personalized deck and must correctly answer language flashcards to play them. Players face opponents of varying difficulty and must gain experience to unlock new cards and craft powerful weapons to defeat them. Explore a vibrant world, meet intriguing characters, and complete quests all while learning a new language.


Hamish and Aila are humble farmers living peaceful lives when their farm is attacked by monsters. Their beloved animals are terrified and flee into Yorthwood, the forest nearby. They soon discover more than just their animals are hidden in these mystical woods. As they venture deeper into the forest they find themselves intertwined in a conflict larger than they could have imagined. 


Learning a language has never been this fun.

Gameplay Features

  • Collect cards, choose the right strategy, and build a deck

  • Embark on a perilous journey, meet captivating characters, and complete quests

  • Play as a customizable avatar with unique gear to collect and equip

  • Explore a beautiful, dynamic, and mysterious world

  • Find recipes, gather materials, and craft gear to gain experience and style

  • Customize your camp with tons of unlockable content

  • Free-to-play game with subscription model allowing for non-stop, accessible play.

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About Hyperthought Games


Hyperthought Games is an indie educational game studio based in Ontario, Canada. It was founded by Darien Morris, previous Head of Product at Prodigy Education.


Hyperthought's mission is to help build a world in which people have access to opportunities for personal and professional growth, regardless of the language they were brought up speaking. They build games that are as fun as they are functional as learning tools. These are games that give you meaningful opportunities to apply your learning and feel good about your progress; games that keep you motivated and practising your new language longer than anything that exists today.

Selected Articles


Enter Lingo Legend. An indie game that wants to teach the player how to learn a new language and actually seems to understand what it is that makes a video game fun
- Chris Barnewell,

Lingo Legend aims to make learning a language fun and unintrusive by fusing lessons with video games.

- Issy Van der Velde,

Featured in's Upcoming games and New Releases Mobile Game of the Week - March 18th, 2022

After all, the most effective way to attack monsters is to swing an axe whilst screaming “where is the library?” in French

- Shaun Walton,

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Featured in Alpha Beta Gamer indie games -

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